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If you are a designer, programmer, or inventor you will be blown away by the variety of opportunities Second Life provides.

Create beautiful scripted 3D objects in a totally live online environment - from weapons to clothing lines to motorcycles.

Second Life is an online digital world, built, shaped, and owned by its participants.

Create a shared reality in a world full of people, activities, adventure, and fun.

It’s your new virtual life in a massive virtual world.

Everyone who joins Onverse can create an avatar and get a free apartment, then head out into the world to explore and find new friends.

Players can buy a lot of items inside the game such as clothes and they can edit their characters in their favourite way.Gameglobe, developed by Square Enix, is both a platform that allows players to unleash their creativity by creating their own fun and engaging game and a unique free to play action adventure browser-based game.With just a couple of click, players will be able to explore endless inspirational, fun and visually stunning game worlds and creative possibilities made by creators just like you from all around the world, right from your web-browser.3D Chat is characterized by a strong social component and his structure reminds the one seen another succesfull social mmo: Second Life.Players can create their characters with a rich editor and can dress them up as they want into the game.

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With a number of Social online games around we check them out, identify the key features and put together a detailed profile for you discover just what the “game” is all about.

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