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We had brought with us two Mac laptops (a Power Book G4 and an i Book G3), which were both maxed out as far as hard drive and memory were concerned, an extra battery for the G4, an external keyboard, a digital camera, and various cables and worldwide plug adaptors.

We had also brought a CD case full of original software discs.

She currently calls San Francisco home, and is one of the founders of Absolutely

la digue island,seychelles " data-medium-file=" So why not travel the world, financed by your business?

What’s challenging is running the business from a backpack while spending several months on the road.

Everyone wants to sit on a beach and work only four hours a day, but the reality is a little different.

If you are actually running your business, you’ll spend as much time working on the beach as you would in a cubicle.

It’s certainly possible to work only an hour a day for a few weeks, but to develop and grow your business, you will need to spend time actually working, rather than sightseeing.

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Kampala, Uganda By keeping a small base in one or two countries, we can have a “home”, a decent place to work and a life, while still taking long trips with the backpacks.

Running the business from an apartment in the developed world is fairly straightforward.

Shortly thereafter, we landed a software development contract in Dubai and relocated there, but regularly escape to Prague during the blistering summer months.

We currently own a flat in central Prague and have considered buying a flat in Dubai.

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