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This cuts down the temptation to abuse it and look at and participate in things that are unhealthy. Maybe the masturbation as long as it's not getting out of control or compulsive to the point that he isn't doing much of anything else. You have the rights to set down rules and expect them to be followed, He has abused his computer rights so you should take away the computer until he can learn to use it responsibly. To me the fact that you have all these cameras and you have the ability to spy on them is completely wrong and an invasion of privacy. Luckily your son doesn't know that you have seen him because it could really scar him. As for the masterbation, there is no "right" age that they begin materbating. He's naturally curious, and has probably hit puberty, or is about to, so it is normal.Don't forget, most things done in the dark are done in the dark for a reason. I always tell me kids that if you're doing something you know is wrong or wouldn't want your parents to find out, then you shouldn't be doing it. First off, he's not even old enough to be looking at that stuff, so it's illegal. For one thing, I think 11 is way too young to have a laptop computer. You said you noticed he does it when you are not home, or inside, so I am guessing you are recording, and watching. I'm surprised he does it in his room and not in the bathroom knowing you could be watching (or does he know there's a camera in his room?? I understand security reasons, definitely, but you have to draw a line somewhere to protect his privacy. I also agree with the other posters talking about the cameras.But around pm as i was gaming i saw something on my secruity monter for his room it looked unusal (I AM SAYING I SPY ON MY FAIMLY THE SYSTEM IS TO SEE IF ANY ONE GETS INSIDE OUR HOUSE). Do you live in an unsafe area to have all those security cameras in your house? anyways i would just leave it and let him do his thing, at least he is doing it in his room so no one can see him and not in places where people can see him. I am going to be straight with you, you need to ditch the cameras and stop worry about your son, I am sorry if that sounds rude but in my opinion what sounds more creepier is the cameras all over your house. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME This is completely normal behaviour for his age, I am not so sure I agree with yours and having cameras into his room. That is what little boys do and that is when they do it the most.

I hope this helps you and others realize the seriousness concerning this matter. (PLEASE FULLY READ) Your son’s obviously been looking material he shouldn’t.

Your/his computer can be tracked then your information released through your internet provider to the local police, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Child Abuse Agencies, and etc… Your child will be taken and most likely go to the next of kin or foster care if you’re found guilty for whatever charges you’re accused of. Example: A child ********* apprehension group’s on a forum/chat room (etc…) and your son decides to communicate with inappropriate sexual language. then you’ll most likely be prosecuted for child abuse… I’m not trying to scare you, but this is a very serious matter.

For all they know he’s a ********* and WILL try to apprehend him. thinking you or your husband’s (etc…) the pedophile… Your son might try to experiment on others and etc… they’ll take him and put him into a detention center… Please censor his computer, talk with him, monitor his friends, and etc…

You can be turned in for something like this and lose your son for child abuse. Borrow his computer and look through everything and destroy files, pictures, and etc… Contact your local internet provider and request information on how to properly set your child filter. Masturbating is perfectly normal for an 11 year old. I think there is only one creep here who needs help. Masturbating is completely normal, the thing not normal is you watching him.

You can also block websites through your firewall (Norton) and password your internet firewall so he can’t disable it. I would have put the cameras in the bathroom instead of putting them IN HIS ROOM.

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This cuts down the temptation to abuse it and look at and participate in things that are unhealthy. I agree that he is too young to have a computer in his room as well, the computer should be in a common area of the home. Less computer, block on it, allow him about an hour at most , get him involved in sports, he is in the house too much make him stay outside, involved with Ball games and having friends ,soccer and basket ball. and into hobbies interests, be good for you also, if there is a Dad around, how about he gets involved with sports, swimming , cycling and good old Fashioned Fun.using his body the way it was meant to be used and if he sometimes has time to relieve his raging hormones thats also okay and normal, no cameras, thats not normal. (PLEASE FULLY READ) Your son’s obviously been looking material he shouldn’t.

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