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Coords will be a GENERAL area, since most cameras in Springfield have 4 different views to choose from, I will let you pick the camera you want in this GENERAL area.

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5) Let “Person 1” know some how that the picture is taken, and have them RUSH over to where you are so you BOTH can claim a find. If you really want to have some fun, bring a sign or dress up - in any case, have fun with this cache! Kansas N Kearney, SAFE PARKING: Best View is North View in Walgreen’s Parking Lot or for West View in Hobby Lobby Parking Lot.

ONLY LOGS THAT HAVE AN IMAGE ATTACH WILL BE ACCEPTED. There is no real big hurry here, I know some people are on vacation and such, but if after a couple weeks or a month has gone by and still no picture…… Visit Instructions: Updated October 3, 2011: Your log needs to include a picture taken from the web camera with you in the field of vision.

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