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Such a process has profound psychological ramifications.When interacting with chatbots, our brain is led to believe that it is chatting with another human being.Welcome to the bot-centric future, which is set to make smartphone users — i.e.almost everyone in the Western hemisphere — navigate the internet in a chit-chat fashion with a virtual assistant. Alexa, Siri and others will cross the line from impersonal robots to entities that know our habits, routines, hobbies and interests just as well as, if not better than, our closest friends and relatives.

Repeated interactions with chatbots trigger the constructions of a new mental model that will inform these interactions.Communication with a bot is different — the gratification derives from a change of mental state, a sort of detachment: You can achieve your goal (getting help, information, even a feeling of companionship) with no immediate “cost.” No investment is required: there’s no need to be nice, to smile, be involved or be emotionally considerate.It sounds convenient — but the problem arises when we become addicted to this form of bot interaction and slowly start developing a preference for “easy communication.” This can lead to secondary problems.Unlike real humans, who can be self-centered and detached, chatbots have a dog-like loyalty and selflessness.They will always be there for you and will always have time for you.

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