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She’s had her share of positive feedback, including from educators and from young women like those in her book.

One 18-year-old student, who calls herself a feminist, e-mailed her to say she had approached the book warily, but came to believe it “will change the way my generation views sex.” Contacted later by telephone, the student, Liz Funk, said she agreed with Stepp’s contention that “real relationships among college students don’t really exist anymore.” 'Thanksgiving for guys' “If I or my friends had the opportunity for real relationships, we’d take it,” says Funk, who attends school in New York City.

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” At the University of Maryland, Robin Sawyer, who teaches a course on sexuality, finds Stepp’s book pretty much on target. “What you are seeing now is a desire of women to act in a masculine way, without being judged a whore.” He also finds that the “hookup” vocabulary softens the impact of the behavior.

(Her own son was not involved.) Stepp wrote about the sex ring in a front-page article for the Post, which led to further research.

“She hit the nail on the head,” one girl said, according to Schnog.

“She perfectly described our social climate.” Many agreed, but an equally vocal faction argued the opposite. “Why do adults always stereotype our generation so negatively?

“But my generation hasn’t really been conditioned for it.” Hookups, she adds, which she rejected for herself long ago but some of her friends still embrace, “are like Thanksgiving for guys. ” And she bemoans the amount of time fellow students can spend on hookups: “It can be like a full-time job.” Another student, at a small women’s college in South Carolina, says the “hookup culture” is not all that pervasive, in her experience.

“I’m aware of it,” said Grace Bagwell, 22, a senior at Converse College in Spartanburg, S. “But it’s untrue to say women aren’t having meaningful relationships at this point.

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