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In 2004, according to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, Turner and Keadle were among several early investors that helped Gore purchase the cable channel that became his Current TV.

After her marriage to Turner ended, Keadle was in a relationship with Nick Leibham, a young San Diego lawyer who in 2008 sought to unseat longtime Rep. Leibham lost, but his strong upstart campaign was boosted with an appearance by none other than Al Gore at one of his fundraisers.

They met in 1965 at his high school prom and wed five years later.

It is said her jealousy stretches back even this far to his childhood sweetheart Donna Armistead.

The former US presidential candidate separated from Tipper because she suspected he was sleeping with a string of glamorous women. 'While there's never been proof that Al had affairs, Tipper allowed herself to suspect the worse,' a source told an American newspaper.'I think she's always believed there was something going on between Al and many of the women in his life.' The reports suggest Tipper, 61, was enraged by speculation her husband was allegedly involved with a Hollywood actress, a massage therapist and women he had had relationships with before meeting her.

However Laurie’s rep Dorian Karchmar has other words to say about the matter and has dismissed all reports: “I adore both Al and Tipper. And I have happily been in a serious relationship since my divorce.” We don’t know how true the allegations are…but it sure wouldn’t surprise us if so!The parents of four grown children, the Gores remain married and have not taken steps to divorce. Although sources close to Gore say she was not a factor in his split from Tipper, it appears they’ve moved in the same circles for years.Keadle and her ex-husband, biotech entrepreneur Lyle Turner, were both generous donors to Democrats; in the early part of the past decade, she gave at least 0K to a DNC building fund; in 2002, she was named to a committee that helped select the site of the ’04 Democratic National Convention.The Star source tells that Al and Laurie David were love mates for two years after the former Mrs David got divorced from Larry in 2007.Dishing on the scandal, the insider tells, "Al and Laurie went from friends to lovers.

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