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In previous years, Kaitlynn’s father pushed her in a wheelchair for a kilometre of the distance and she used her walker for the remaining 200m. “It comes from the heart.” Her grandmother, Colleen van Rooyen, 59, said Kaitlynn came up with fundraising ideas on her own. She thinks of things to do on her own and because she can’t do it herself, she asks us for help,” she said proudly.Also make sure to include the block details (displayed below), so we can better troubleshoot the error. It is a protection that stands between this site and the rest of the world and stop attacks, malware infections, DDo S, brute force attempts and mostly anything that can harm it.Not only that, but your sites get cached, speeding it up quite a bit.BELIEVING that she is no different from any ablebodied person, a young cerebral palsy sufferer from Port Elizabeth will take on the Spur Iron Kids event to raise funds for children with cancer.Kaitlynn van Rooyen, 12, of Algoa Park, said she had never let her disability stand in the way of her doing what she wanted to do.

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