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She used to be married to Black Crowes front man Chris Robinson and together they have a son.

Hollywood has learned EXCLUSIVELY that Riri really likes sharing the stage with Eminem and it’s been a long time since she performed with a “real champion.” tour launched on Aug.And how does it feel to watch the object of your affection get taken off the market by someone who can apply red lipstick so flawlessly?Count Eminem's daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers, as yet another music fan who feels personally victimized by the recent developments between two of pop's most eligible. This "relationship" was supposed to have the complete opposite effect on album sales!On Wednesday, Eminem dropped a new seven-minute song called “Campaign Speech” seemingly out of the blue, and like a lot of Eminem songs, it featured him name-dropping a handful of celebrities. But I’m going to guess that he didn’t know the two of you were dating when he recorded it. Many people speak their admiration in different ways of articulation. Rose: So for him, that’s just his version of a love letter giving her a shout-out and name-checking her in a really popular record that’s a terrific freestyle. What needs to happen is, as a fellow Detroiter, that means I’m doing a poor job and I need to get her to more Eminem shows so we can go represent. Donald Trump, Robin Thicke, and Colin Kaepernick all made the cut. Jacoby: You have to admit: When you heard it, you felt a certain way. As somebody that’s fortunate enough to be name-checked on the record, it’s about who’s shouting you out.

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