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The university, with about 5,000 students, didn't begin admitting black students until nearly 20 years after the U. "We failed to accurately represent the Lord and to fulfill the commandment to love others as ourselves. Though no known antagonism toward minorities or expressions of racism on a personal level have ever been tolerated on our campus, we allowed institutional policies to remain in place that were racially hurtful," the statement said.The interracial dating ban was lifted in March 2000, not long after the policy became an issue in the Republican presidential primary. Bush was criticized when he spoke at the school during one of his first campaign stops.While Bob Jones III deliberately sought to deceive Larry King and his audience by saying, "...The University and Bob Jones III did, in fact, attempt to back up their interracial dating/marriage Rules with Scripture.There's not much difference between us and Russia.Russia did this to religion a long time ago; it just took us a little longer...""We believe the policy that has gotten us in difficulty is a Bible policy and we're going to hold onto it... We will pay the taxes we have to pay and trust the Lord to sustain the institution as long as He wants to sustain it."1."The university had a policy, based on its understanding of the Bible, that forbade interracial dating and marriage among its students.In order to make that policy easier to enforce, the university did not admit blacks..."2.

As any preacher or educator knows, nothing preaches or teaches principles and precepts to a student as loudly as a preacher's or an educator's example.

"In spite of lengthy finding of fact in the District Court that Bob Jones University was 'like a church' and 'pervasively religious,' the Supreme Court saw fit to separate its religious purpose from its educational function."4.

"Bob Jones University does not discriminate on the basis of race.

I said to our administration, ' You know guys, this thing is of such insignificance to us; it's so significant to the world at large. It hurts our graduates; our concern for the cause of Christ; our concern for our graduates; our concern for our testimony; our concern for the school's broader usefulness is greater to us than a rule that we never talk about and it is meaningless to us.

Jon Henry at Please Reconcile has done an excellent, nearly exhaustive job of recounting, line-by-line, the many untruths wrapped up in the LKL interview and in the above statement by Bob Jones III.

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