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A second group of recovery methods recommended by the Johns Hopkins researchers emphasizes practicing relaxation techniques, including meditation, deep breathing or journaling out your feelings.Sleep is very important to helping immune function but with the depressive reactions that many have, sleep may be hard to come by.But if you numb your brain with mind-altering substances for the next month, it won’t perform its usual functions and you won’t get any closer to feeling better. And then go there in your mind whenever you start to feel panicky or overwhelmed with grief.

It can be your fantasy of a thatched hut on a tropical beach as the sun is setting. That means that when you go to that place, things are all right, things are going to get better. The next time YOU start feeling really bad, go to your safety zone.Among the recommendations coming out of the UCLA study is that a good remedy for heartache is to spend time sharing with close friends, because this activity causes the brain to release natural opioids, which are like the painkillers found in opium.So make a beeline for your friends, a sponsor, a minister or someone else you confide in.There are five recovery methods I recommend: sharing; meditation; sleep; exercise; and, having imaginary conversations with the ex.In one study, talking about their negative feelings lessened the participant's activity in the pain-feeling part of the brain.

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