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Girton: Student and Alumnae Records: The Secretary's Office retains control of student records, but the picture of how old Girtonians occupied themselves as students and how they have pursued their lives as alumnae is also sharp and clear in such archival records as examination papers (dates and topics, from 1871); records of clubs and societies (1880s to 1940s); The Raven. A joint Girton/Newnham committee of 1919-1921 suggests that Oxford's capitulation on the question of admitting women to full status by awarding degrees at that time may have precipitated some discussion at Cambridge, although the decision to follow suit was delayed for 25 years. From this starting point, the researcher is led to detailed inventories which are shelved with specific collections and which function most efficiently to extend access, readily and effectively, to a wealth of detail about collection contents. Unusual times seem to have called forth unusual minutes, such as those for the Air Warden's Committee (1931-1942). Researchers are accommodated in office space that serves as an archives reading room, and initial access is accomplished through the Location Shelf List which identifies material located in a series of "bays", "cupboards" and numbered shelves. There is, however, no dearth of minutes of other administrative entities to span the years to the late 1980s.van Houts following the move to current quarters in1992.The typed shelflist was completed less than three months before my visit.

he emergence of women in Cambridge's long history begins in the 1860s with two events: the opening of the Cambridge Local Examinations to women in 1863, and Emily Davies's founding of a college for women at Cambridge, which opened first at nearby Hitchin (1869), and moved closer to the center of Cambridge in 1869, to the present campus in Girton, from which the college also takes its name.

Newnham remains committed to single-sex education, bringing the number of colleges for women at Cambridge to three. Kate Perry administers the Girton College Archives on a close to full-time basis, and reports directly to the Librarian.

Girton, indisputably the senior institution for women in Cambridge and arguably in England, has admitted men since 1977.

The Arts Faculty has traditionally supported the archives function at Newnham, and the College Council continues to allot funds for limited archives staffing, and for the appropriate development of new space.

Researchers are provided with access to collections through a 48-page printout, "Shelflist Contents Newnham Archives", compiled by Anne Phillips during the Summer of 1991 and updated by Dr.

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My expectation that women at Cambridge could be documented simply by surveying the records available at Girton and Newnham turned out to be mistaken.

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