Childless women dating fathers

A woman with a kid is a lot of baggage to take on for a serious relationship, he's essentially becoming a father to a kid he didn't even father.It's much easier for single dads because most don't have custody of their kids so they can and women are more tolerant of that than men.middle class), or in the example of my dad's employee--that man married a single mom and he makes over 200k.Again this woman was extremely attractive(she looked like a model) but it's not rare.The way this thread is, you would think that these women would have real difficulty dating but they aren't.The ones that aren't dating are either newly single, aren't looking to date, or don't have time.I do know that if given the choice between an attractive single mom and an attractive childless mom that men would choose the latter.And I know that when I was single and childless I would have NOT dated a single father for many of the reasons described in this thread, yet again I knew single fathers who did not "want" for women either even if I didn't want them.

And that goes for women that are married, cohabiting, single, etc. a stigma, online especially, that single mom's have a very hard time dating and marrying, but in reality I don't know how true it is.

These women are between the ages of 25-35, and some of these women had children out of wedlock, the rest are divorced moms--no one is a widow.

I should add however, that only ONE of these women has more than one child out of wedlock but she is in a long term relationship so it didn't detour her.

I think women can still get guys if they have kids but its either going to be a regular single dad or a non-dad who would normally be far below the woman's league.

There's also a lot of desperate guys who have barely ever dated and will marry any woman who want them.

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When I was single and childless I wouldn't have dated a man with a child.

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