Consolidating private loans without a cosigner

When you apply for financial aid you should be able to get almost any type of federal student loan without the help of a cosigner, including a Subsidized Stafford Loan, Unsubsidized Stafford Loan or Federal Perkins Loan.

But not all student loans can be awarded to you without the help of a cosigner.

Besides promising to make your payments on time, you can give them a few benefits of cosigning on your loan, such as: It is important to convey to your cosigner that you can be trusted with your payments.

Remember that they are doing you a favor by extending their good credit history to you, so be responsible and don't miss any payments.

The longest term for repayment on loans consolidated by CU Student Loans is 15 years. Eligibility requirements are similar to Citizens Bank.

These include, a good credit history is required and at least a ,000 annual income.

Citizens Bank offers a variable rate of between 2.82% and 7.46% or a fixed rate between 5.24% and 9.39%.To be eligible, students must be repaying their student loans and not enrolled in school.Three full on-time payments are required on the loans that a student wishes to consolidate. With12 on-time consecutive payments on the principal and interest, the cosigner may be released.It is very rare to receive a private student loan without using a cosigner.Private student loans without a cosigner are only available to graduate and professional students or undergraduates with a well established credit history.

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