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A forward attitude is good if you're a woman: those who mention words like "dinner," "lunch," or "drinks" in their first message are 73 percent more likely to get a reply.

But men who do so are 35 percent less likely to get a reply.

If a dude didn't think that picture was funny and swiped left, so be it. It basically comes down to this: Instead of trying to appeal to the men of Tinder's mercurial desires, do you.

The stakes on Tinder are extremely low when it comes to online dating.

Well, according to a study that online dating site conducted of 4,000 users, there are a few ways to make your profile stand out.

Turns out, it's all about full-body shots and proper punctuation.

Whether you're a man or a woman, taking a picture with a pet lowers your popularity by 53 percent, while posing with friends lowers it by 42 percent.And always, always, use proper grammar and punctuation — text speak and illiteracy make both sexes 13 percent less successful.The results of the study also show that women should keep their past relationships hush-hush until later in the game, while men benefit from being upfront.On this day last year, experienced a 94 percent increase in people signing up compared to their daily average.So how can you make that online dating profile count?

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