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These days it's becoming more and more common for someone to enter a relationship with children from a previous marriage.

I'm in a thousand pieces and I've got no excuse To keep this all a secret, secret, now.

I'm never gonna let you down I'm never gonna leave you out I'm gonna be there till my heart stops beating My heart stops beating And now it don't matter where you are I'm never gonna be that far I'm gonna be there till my heart stops beating My heart stops beating While your eyes deny everything to me But they reflect just like a diamond ring, I see it, oh And when we're together We're together now So confess that this is more than we know A situation that if we let go Gonna end up regretting forever And ever now.

Je ne peux plus le maintenir en place, Ou le retenir Car j'ai un sentiment, Que j'ai finalement trouvé.

Je t'ai attendu toute ma vie, Et sans rime ni raison, J'ai été frappé jusqu'au sol.

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