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Thirty-year-old Dan Mc Quade is my least insufferable version yet. When Piazza, a Yardley native and Penn grad, moved back to Philadelphia in 2011, she found the dating scene here wanting.

My grandmother asked me when I was going to get a girlfriend. ) I sent a saved email draft I shouldn’t have sent to an ex.

If you’re dating a Philadelphian, expect to chow down regularly on the best sandwiches around.

Like Movoto on Facebook: A Philadelphian is always the life of the party.

Put a ton of them in the same room and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Philadelphians partake in an average of 15 drinks per month.

“He’s told her he’s planning to visit her in Philly, maybe as soon as this weekend.” If you see Kinney roaming around the Italian Market, drop us a line.

One of the best things about dating a Philadelphian is that you’ll always have an extra pair of feet to make a quick run to the nearest Wawa for donuts, coffee, or whatever else you may need in odd hours of the day.

It might seem a little touristy to admit, but deep down every Philadelphian has a soft spot for the “Rocky” movie power couple.

“I think I was just delusional thinking that it was the city that made dating hard,” she says. I’ve had plenty of fantastically pleasant dates with people I just wasn’t into that much, and I’ve struggled with what to say. And a good date becomes a fantastic memory, even if that person has faded from your life.

“Yes, I dated douchey guys in Philly, but I also dated them in New York during the 10 years prior.” Her column is one of those pieces the New York media churn out, reassuring New Yorkers they live in the only city worth living in. After two dates, one woman told me she was moving to Ohio to get back with her ex-boyfriend. My favorite dates of 2012 were watching Wimbledon on my couch and shopping at the King of Prussia mall.

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But people in Philadelphia don’t really get hitched that much earlier. And going out in Philadelphia has one beautiful caveat every time: If you play your cards right, there’s a chance you’ll wake up next to someone wearing a Mike Vick jersey.

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