Dating rituals in the united states

Well, the first Valentine’s Day I actually got to celebrate, anyway.

for two years now, I have been experienced many firsts, but none of them compare to the first I experienced last week – my first Valentine’s Day.

Punctuality is very important, and it is considered rude to be late.

Classes, meetings, and appointments generally start within a few minutes of their set time.

It is best, however, to address professors and older persons with their title (Dr., Professor, Mr., Mrs., or Ms.) unless they ask you to do otherwise.

Time Despite their informality in other aspects of life, Americans are very concerned about time.

It is not as important to be on time to events such as parties; guests are often late, as no one wants to be the first to arrive.

The more people you meet, the more likely you will find someone who will become a close friend.

Becoming a member of a club or organization on or off campus is a good way to meet others.

If a person feels uncomfortable, he or she may move away to create more distance.

This should not be seen as a sign of rudeness, as they are just re-establishing their personal space.

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