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It’s the same as saying that gender inequality is no longer an issue because we are seeing a few female executives in corporate a plain eye-test.

The attractive Asian woman is usually accompanied by a white man, and the Asian man is more likely to be alone or with his male friends.

As mentioned above, family will likely be part of your life if you’re dating an Asian.

Marriage especially is considered a family affair, so you’ll be courting the family, too.

Or if there was a 100% Asian woman named Jennifer Hanson, people would assume she was an orphan from China adopted by a white family.

There are no set-in-stone rules when it comes to dating; every relationship is a unique adventure.

Early on in your relationship, talk about family relationships, expectations and long-term plans for their involvement in your future.

With Asian dating — specifically online Asian dating — you’ll find sites and advice articles catering to men and women of different regions, looking for different relationship arrangements. Are you looking for someone from a specific country? Geography is an issue when pursuing someone with strong personal ties to another continent.

I was actually married to a white woman and had experience with online dating so I believe I’m qualified to answer this question.

Sure, and they’re as common as unicorns (okay, more like wild pandas).

Twice I've been told by the girl that I am the first Asian male in her dating history, but further digging always ends up showing that there just weren't as many compatible Asian males in her life up until she met me. If you feel and agonize over the fact that that Asian men can't get with Asian women, you'll exhibit more nervousness, bitterness, and anger when interacting with Asian women you're attracted to. If you're still rejected, face facts squarely - are you really being turned down because of your race?

Or is it more probable that you just don't know what you're doing when approaching women?

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To protect her privacy, let’s call her Jennifer Hanson.

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