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WBR chairman and CEO Cameron Strang had these comments, "Prince recorded his most influential and popular music during his time with Warner Bros.

and we are deeply aware of our responsibility to safeguard and nurture his incredible legacy.

The band play a group of paranormal investigators in search of a mysterious glowing sphere which has crashed into a local forest.

The extraterrestrial object is presumably the cause of the series of strange events played out in the band's recent videos.

During his celebrated career, Bowie won only one Grammy award for "Best Short Form Video" back in 1984, according to CBS Radio.

But on Sunday night he was honored with five Grammy awards, sweeping every category he was nominated for.

Read on below, and let us know if you agree about our take on the best (and worst) of Foo. 152), the Angry Samoans’ “Gas Chamber” (147), and most disappointingly, Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar” (149).

, 2015) “Fraternity” (97) and “Normal” (95) are two of the band’s poppiest B-side originals, while the band’s cover of Killing Joke’s “Requiem” (99) calms down the righteousness of the original without losing its emotional intensity.We also have their all-time most insufferable album track, in the brutally repetitive and overwrought “The Deepest Blues are Black” (151). “Iron and Stone” (“Learn to Fly” B-Side, 1999) 132.“Life of Illusion” (“Times Like These” B-Side, 2005) 131.“Subterraneans” (81), the sonic document from the Seattle visit of isn’t nearly as grunge-influenced as you might anticipate, but rather sounds more like an atmospheric late-’70s radio hit by Gary Wright or Al Stewart.And shout out to a couple of ’80s heroes in the Psychedelic Furs, whose enigmatic “Sister Europe” (82) makes for one of the group’s most interesting cover choices, and Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü, who contributes guest vocals to “Dear Rosemary” (81). “A little bit of resolve,” sighed Grohl and the rest of the world, “is what I need now.” Added bonus for indie geeks: The tune has striking similarities to the Wrens’ “Thirteen Grand” from a couple of years earlier, which was also when indie geeks noted, “Hey, that guy from the Wrens who sings ‘Thirteen Grand’ sounds a lot like Dave Grohl.” Have we ever seen them in the same room together? “Kiss the Bottle” (“Best of You” B-Side, 2005) Foo Fighters and Jawbreaker toured together in the mid-’90s as the two bands were going in opposite directions, the former on their way to becoming one of the biggest groups in the country and the latter on their way to total dissolution.

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"(Radio.com) Kings of Leon have released a new music video for their track "Reverend." The song comes off of the band's latest studio album "Walls" which was released back in October of last year.

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