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Fairbanks, who left school at the age of 13, approve of the Mommy-was-a-meanie, Dad-was-a-cad memoirs written by the disgruntled offspring of yesterday's movie stars. ''The Joan Crawford that I've heard about in 'Mommie Dearest' is not the Joan Crawford I knew back when,'' he said. Fairbanks, who married Miss Crawford in 1929, spends a good many pages of his book on their union, which ended in a 1934 divorce as much publicized as their courtship.

He said that the marriage was ''psychologically hastened'' by the opposition of his parents. or, on occasion, Miss G, which is not to be confused with Gee, which is what everyone called Gertrude Lawrence. Fairbanks, adding that Dushka was the only one he remembered as his and that he was reluctant to shed any more light on his romances.

By then their marriage was deeply troubled, with his jealousy and affairs matched by her infidelities His affair with Pickford accelerated after the death of his mother Ella, who had been a dominant and domineering presence in his life; at one point she told Fairbanks to chose between his wife and her - he chose his wife.

His mother was Anna Beth Sully Fairbanks, his father's first wife and the daughter of a cotton financier. Fairbanks asked, neatly sidestepping a direct response. Perhaps I shouldn't have.'' He smiled when he recalled that Miss Crawford's obsession with cleanliness drove both John and Lionel Barrymore wild during the filming of ''Grand Hotel.'' At her request, he said, his nickname for Miss Crawford was Billie. He has acted on the stage as well as in films, but he is proudest of the stories and articles he has had published over the years in magazines like Collier's and Esquire.

Did Miss Crawford really lack a sense of humor, knit incessantly and despise Norma Shearer and Jean Harlow, as his autobiography asserts? Miss Dietrich's nickname for him was Dushka (it is ''a Russian term of endearment,'' Mr. ''It is more satisfying to be creative than to be a player,'' he said.

The birth of glamor: In 1929 Douglas Fairbanks Snr and Mark Pickford married on screen in The Taming of the Shrew.

Behind the scenes they were unfaithful to each other - and he was a jealous husband.

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Fairbanks even went to Denver in an attempt to pay off a newspaper from publishing news of his infidelity But in the end Owen however figured out what was going on and is said to have told Pickford: 'I'm going to kill that climbing monkey'.

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