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I have a friend doing a mold for a sculpture, and another doing portraits.

It's odd, but fun, and I have my mind open for what's fun.

Are you just a leg man with feet being a part of the lust? mean spirited thread hijacking due to a closed mind and uptight sexuality might reason out why YOU are on a dating web site... I'm in the forums for discussion and exploring curiousities, if you're not a foot lover, I wonder why you even opened the post... Then go to a discussion that you can participate in instead of one that gives you opportunity to be rude, obnoxious, and generally expose your mean nature. I like a well pedacured ladies foot in sandal foot hose and cork soled Feet ,boobs,butt.

I'm not or do I pretend to be an anthropologist, but, like largest breasts and nice legs, and many other feminine attributes, men are attracted to women who would make the best breeders, thus good feet for traveling, and on and on with the various body parts now that all the ladies are on the bandwagon for some male bashing, arn't you attracted to men with strong shoulders, muscular butt and an apropritate package for delivering the goods.for the rest..

Guess it is just one of those many mysteries of good sex.

When I was with my ex-fiance we had a mirror along one bedroom wall, and when I neared orgasm, I would often concentrate on the look of her feet and her calves as she dug her heels into the cheeks of my ass.

Er zijn vele België singles net als jij op zoek naar een geschikte partner.

We have some photographers and each on is thinking up a scene that would be sexy, maybe erotic, but art without being vulgar, something sitting on the coffee table not under he bed.If the world wants to be resistant and creeped out, it really is their problem.I've explained to a lot of foot lovers, I've had my feet loved on in ways that was so wrong, I couldn't get away fast enough, and I've had them loved on and discovered that an O lurked behind every toe.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Or are the feet just comforting and intimate and not a lusty sexual desire? methinks thou mightest be a foot fetishist in the closet... I'm not posting to be abused or to open others to abuse, I'm posting because I've become curious about something and I didn't find it approached like this in a thread search. legs, its all good ..if you are clean i will lick you all over and over again...i enjoy licking and kissing feet as well as other parts of a female a fetish NO if you have a problem its not necessary that feet be involved ..if the moment arises and you do not object I have been known to kiss a foot....Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Is it the shoes or hose or socks that add to the sexiness? Is it a part of the sex act, like do you need to be involved in the intercourse (say a fairly normal position) and have the feet also involved, or is just the touching/mouthing of the feet enough intercourse for you? we go dancing to a club regularly and know just about everyone there and are close friends with most ....i have a friend a woman there who I dance and flirt with we push the flirting to the limit but its all in fun both of our so's know it and they flirt with each other also ..know who we are going home with so its not a problem .woman while slow dancing with me will pull my hands up and lick and suck my fingers ..i have nearly cummed on the dance floor ...

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I know I'm short and it's not a great distance, but I don't wear corks anymore. I can't handle a man with big flat feet in cheap thong flip flops ewwww

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