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Point being: just because you are behind a screen on Tinder doesn’t mean you should text something you wouldn’t say in real life. Beautiful girls have to deal with these guys all the time, and therefore are defensive until you show them that you are not one of them (you’re not right? Just make the first couple of texts about stuff that shows that you are NOT a weirdo.Yes, it’s hilarious, , but it won’t get you laid or out on a date. The same opening lines will have different success rates depending on the situation. AND – you need to be clever, witty, interesting and intriguing without being creepy. The thing is that if you try to start out with a deep serious question, they might not have time or be in the mood to respond right at that time. Now comes the hard part, you actually need to talk to the girl.What is that magic one-liner that will make her drop her panties, and come running all wet and willing your way? However, after a shit ton of testing, I’ve found the perfect way to get her begging for it. Girls saw me on Tinder and swiped left most of the time. AND they were the first to ask to meet up in person! Not a douche ‘alfamale’ that was a jerk to everybody but the best version of my self. Even if you had one, it would still be weird and very, very few women, if any would find that text message appealing.These pick-up lines are getting insane response rates! And the ones that did swipe right, never freakin’ responded to my messages. It’s so frustrating to spend all that time and mental energy and not even get a response! You can get your hands on the hacks by clicking here (the full info is paid but watch the free video it’s good stuff) but if you are a total noob let’s go over some basic stuff first: She’s a woman, they love to talk, but you need to get them started and trusting you. Instead, you would be labeled a disgusting weirdo (she would be right) and she would not respond.People who struggle with what to say when online dating can now download Dating Hacks, which insists you’ll “never send the wrong message that ruins your chance of getting a date ever again.” Basically, it’s an app with ready-made messages for clueless daters, promising “to start and maintain engaging conversations, get the phone number and setup dates.” While most hoped that pickup artist negs would disappear when the television show The Pickup Artist was cancelled in 2008, it’s alive on the app, with a section stocked with subtle put-downs.

Make her feel comfortable with you, like you’re actually interested in what she thinks and her opinions, and you are 80% there. Hinge wrote more than 100 pickup lines of various length, structure and content and randomly picked 22% of their users for the experiment.For one month, users were prompted in the app to try out one of Hinge’s pickup lines and collected data on the response rates.A lot of factors come into play when the girl is making the decision about texting you back, so you need to get in her head and figure out what she’s thinking. The simple answer would be that she is attracted to you, but there is more to it.This could be a whole blog post by itself but I will keep it to the essentials. First of all, let’s actually assume that she IS interested in you.

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