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The serpent, sap, sees how the man is becoming tried to prevent the woman from eating the apple. The fruits arouse the sexual desire of the two and they know each other.

Afterwards the man is satisfied but the woman wishes to begin again.

It is interesting how they look at Earth, God and the Devil. The Earth/universe is known as the mother of us all, and is called De Develeski, the Divine Mother.

As a gadje, from the outside, the one thing I see that is an absolute PASSION with all I have met or come to know..the arts. Thanks for the great guys, i am 25% gypsy, and i am very grateful to my mother (50%) who introduced me to this interesting pagan culture by story telling, songs, dances, spirituality, world view, belief system, fortune telling, dreams interpretations, healing practices, ways of living, believing, thinking, acting, etc. Ask me about it sometime, I'll tell ya) from third parties. Though, many common beliefs have their roots in India, our ancestral homeland. Jhim Call it a Romani belief or, a catholic belief or, a Satan worshiping sect, you are still left with the same situation...I can tell which Roma have forgotten about their ancient roots when they say we have Indo-Aryans... Because the United Nations will not recognise Roma unless we claim a land of origin, a unified language, and a flag.In the Diaspora from India to Western Europe, when that specific group who migrated out of India, already met many Roma who were established in Western Europe, such as my ancestors the Calo from Spain. The reason that Roma started to proclaim Indian roots is because Gadje put that on us... So in the 1970's the Indian chakra wheel was added to our Romani flag, Romani authorities agreed to proclaim (pseudo) Indian roots, and established Romany as the official Romani language - focusing on the Sanskrits connections in the language.but I live in Australia, free from persecution and I kmow my European brethren are struggling to survive and will do anything to be treated as human beings. The Way is sprouting in modern movement known as the Wayseers. Hence, your experience of the Truth may be a million miles apart, and that is okay, as long as we accept each other.Now to answer the original question: the ancestral belief system, better described as a life style, is called O Tatcho Drom. It relates to mental health as using our full potential, despite the establishment attempting to bring us down. The us-and-them mentality many modern Roma have is due to eons of persecution...

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God gives permission and they embrace a second and third time. It is since that woman has unceasingly craved love.

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