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The purpose of this contract is to provide an alternative for couples who want to make a commitmentto each other that is more than the choice of living together and not as final as marriage with an‘Until death do us part’ promise.The two most important and unique ingredients of this agreementare the semi-annual question and answer session and the choice of a specific time frame for partnersto agree to be together.Any successful relationship, personal or professional, requires honest communication.In the case of Priscilla Chan, the agreement probably helped drive home the point to Zuckerberg that she expected him to be around.This agreement is a tool to communicate, as well as a symbol of your commitment.Our society has evolvedto provide laws to govern certain aspects of marriage, and until recently, history has pretty much ignoredgoverning rules for those who choose a personal commitment and live together without being married.You can enter into this agreement as a test prior to a marriage decision,or choose this alternative to commit to a partner for a specific time frame.

Establish guideline s that you expect your teen to follow and write them down. Give your teen an opportunity to ask questions, or make suggestions about what he'd like to see in the contract.I will not return to the scene of said activities, nor call, write or otherwise contact/harass or vex said co-signer of contract for a time of no less than thirty (30) days and nights after said activities have been fulfilled.I also surrender all rights to propagate rumors, misnomers and dirty looks in the cafeteria from myself and friends, and will treat said co-signer with all the respect due a stranger.I will say "hi" if we pass within ten (10) meters in a friendly, if not neutral, tone.I will also upon completion of heretofore listed activities not leave underwear, earrings or other insignificant yet oh-so-valuable knick-knacks lying about or hidden somewhere in the co-signer's abode for the sole purpose of returning to said abode and breaking the no-contact agreement of this document.

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