Learning centers to accommadating blind students

I have found that the more one can think through what the student needs and the best method for providing it, the more successful the teaching experience will be.

Whether or not the student comes armed with the latest technology, the teacher should be ready to spend extra time, either preparing class materials or working together one-on-one.

Somehow I need to find ways to do written and aural skills with her.

The following is a list of accommodations that you might be interested in and eligible to use as a student who is blind or low vision.[6] The following discussion will focus on the individual skills usually incorporated into a core music theory curriculum, how I dealt with them with my particular student, and other methods to deal with them.Dictation [7] At first, I gave dictation quizzes to my blind student privately or had her tutor administer them, since she did not have a laptop or other electronic note taker (see Figure 2) to use in class.Hearing-impaired students may not be as aware as deaf students of how important distance is to understanding speech (Blair 71-73).If such students consistently arrive late, they may sit in the back, which may significantly affect their ability to comprehend.

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