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In short, there was not a death hoax for Paul Walker the day before he died.

12/1/13 Update: A photo is circulating allegedly shows Walker injured in a hospital bed, with an accompanying story that his reps confirmed he is still alive. Read the full story here: Fake Paul Walker Photo Circulates Amid Hoax Confusion When initial reports of Paul Walker’s death hit the news, fans went online to see if these reports were in fact true.

Some questioned why there was a “death hoax” for Walker a day before his death.

There was, however, no Paul Walker death hoax on November 29.

Readers had found the fake Mediamass article with that date – and which is duplicated for virtually all celebrities and is complete fiction. Paul Walker’s death was not a hoax, and there was not a death hoax the day before his death.

Reports of the death of Paul Walker were clouded by a fake “death hoax” report from a website which posts nearly identical death hoax articles for hundreds of celebrities.

The stories on Mediamass are all virtually the same, and the site automatically updates the dates of these articles to keep the stories “recent,” thus the automatically-generated date of November 29 for Walker’s story.

A “death hoax” article similar to the Travolta screenshot above also existed for Paul Walker – until the actor died.

Если даже после смерти твое имя приносит людям пользу, значит жизнь твоя прошла не в пустую.

Именно это можно сказать об актере Поле Уокере – звезде франшизы «Форсаж», который погиб в автокатастрофе в 2013 году.

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Съемки новых частей франшизы «Форсаж» идут полным ходом.

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