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The movie was filmed at Columbia/Sony Pictures directed by Robert Luketic along with the producers Deborah Jellen Newmyer, Steven Reuther and Kimberly di Boraventura.The screenplay writers for the movie are Nicole Eastman and Karen Mc Cullah Lutz. The movie cast starred Katherine Heigle in the role of Abby Richter, Gerard Butler in the role of Mike Chadway, Bree Turner in the role of Joy; Eric Winter in the role of Colin the surgeon, Nick Searcy in the role of the television station's boss Stuart, Jesse D. Abby Richter is the producer of morning show in Sacramento and is good at her job.

When Tad ends up falling in love with her, he's willing to give up big-city life and move to small-town America.Butler barks his directives out gamely, in a somewhat tortured faux-American accent, and Heigl responds with fine-tuned klutziness and outrage: the Spartan warrior of "300" and the embattled Izzie of "Grey's Anatomy" throw off some genuine heat.Of course, in the real world, a pig like Mike would never make it on morning television; he's too much to stomach over a bowl of Cheerios.We use cookies to improve your experience of our website.Cookies perform functions like recognising you each time you visit and delivering advertising messages that are relevant to you.

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Well THIS time it's not just a kooky romp about a high-powered, lusty lady exec searching for love, it's educational. Have you seen the script or did you just read my mind? STUDIO EXEC #1: Will this be similar to any other romantic comedy we've seen?

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