Selective search dating website 5 problems with internet dating

I would highly recommend Selective Search to any man or woman who is looking to find someone for a real, committed relationship.

I am happy to say I met my husband through this company.

I disagree with one comment that men only want arm candy; if so, wrong place with many candidates I viewed.

It's a frustrating experience, but as the posts show, even with zero results, k less, some are still pleased. It reminds me of people who paid thousands in real estate courses, made nothing, but still believed it will work.

I have met most impressive women whom I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise. I just wanted to post an update about my interaction with Selective Search.

After my previous post on 8/15/2014 regarding not hearing back from the matchmaker when she promised, the CEO, Mitchell Berk, personally contacted me.

In addition, the video Hello are replaced by a simple or online photo album or video connection.

In business, reputation is invaluable and Selective Search has just proven that they value their clients, their reputation, and believe in what they do.

I hired this company in 2013, and was very disappointed at the results. You are given huge promises but in reality; you get as close to this as they have in their data bank.

The women pay nothing, and seem to be lead into thinking the company is working for them, and as the comments show, an attitude is often the result.

The women I met - **, ** and others - were all very polite and kind and had good intentions.

Later I was set up on several dates, before I was eventually introduced to the man who would become my husband.

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