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Actually it's quite disappointing after I watched it. and Saranghaee PARK SEO JOON Hyo Joo is simply the perfect actress.Paired with so many varied characters as her love interest, yet her feelings to all of them is just so consistent. She has to keep convincing herself about what she feels inside not the way he looks.

Having abnormal relationship that she has to keep it to her self when her friend questioning her boyfriends.

She has headlined the taiga drama ‘Gou ~Himetachi no Sengoku‘ in 2011.

Her latest drama ‘Kazoku no Katachi‘ were she appeared opposite SMAP’s Shingo Katori has just ended its run on TBS. Although they never had a breaking hit, the band is acknowledged by music fans.

many questions regarding plot holes but it's a movie, and as long as i enjoyed it i can overlooked some questionable logics I really enjoyed the movie, but till the end they didn't show us the real Woo-Jin's face I really wanted to see it at least for just one day!!

And what is the medical explanation for his condition at least they should've came up with a mysterious name or something instead just let us hanging their waiting for them to tel us.

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And having her coworkers thinking she is seeing a different man daily. I enjoyed the movie very much...mostly for the acting, especially Han Hyo Joo. However, I did have some confusion and am hoping someone who has seen the movie can explain. I didn't understand the sudden introduction of her being on pills to help her sleep.

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