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So, this means that from the release of PSMDB, Ma NGOS has been updated from r10551 up to r10577. Now, with Script Dev2: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r1833 | deverend | 2010-09-26 0200 (zo, ) | 2 lines Corrected typo in a file name. proffesor - At the start of the second line, you will find the release number, which is r1833 in this case. Let's begin with Ma NGOS: In between the dashes, you will find the release number (or version), which is 10577 in this case. 08/10/2010 381 10551_01_mangos_spell_proc_08/10/2010 377 10568_01_characters_character_08/10/2010 2.130 10582_01_mangos_spell_proc_19/10/2010 2.896 10604_01_mangos_spell_proc_19/10/2010 1.430 10621_01_mangos_quest_... So, like for Ma NGOS, Script Dev2 has been updated from r1831 up to 1833. To begin with, check which update files are delivered by Ma NGOS: From the DOS command prompt ...

After you’ve created the databases and imported the data, they will contain your entire world for World of Warcraft.If you don’t have this configured properly then you will not be able to follow along with the command-line steps below in the guide because the command prompt will not recognize "mysql" as a valid command.The database providers provide A full-dump release file:: This file contains the whole database content of one point Updatepacks:: An updatepack consist of - collected core updates for the mangos (world) database - collected core updates for the characters database - collected core updates for the realmd database - content fixes So you need to: * Apply the latest release file * Apply all following updatepack files (always corepatches before updatepacks) * Apply the remaining updates from the core (located in C:\Mangos\mangos\sql\updates The files are: * mangosd.conf: Holds configuration for the mangosd executable * realmd.conf: Holds configuration for the realmd executable * scriptdev2.conf: Holds configuration for Script Dev2’s settings(no longer used and may not exist) * (Very optional) ahbot.conf: Holds configuration for AHBot (by default disabled) These settings are relatively self-explaining, you should look for the settings of "Login Database Info", "World Database Info", "Character Database Info" and "Script Dev2Database Info" (no file contains all of these options) This information is required so that the realmd "knows" to which mangosd he should forward a player after authentication, so if you want to use your server outside itself (e.g. This will allow boost to be found by all projects on that system.For information on configuring property sheets, look here.

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