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growing up X’ only just got harder.-o-Genre: Drama/Romance/Horror/Supernatural (It's an anime with words- it has everything)Rating: In a world run by a manifestation of pure evil the three sisters once known as the "Powerpuff Girls" have vanished. And three young men are willing to do anything it takes to help them and undo their own mistakes. : REDS [Complete]-o-Rating: TGenre: Humor/Romance Status: Complete Length: 6 chapters There is only one man Buttercup avoids like the plague. And it's all because of that that...thing You know... even the over eager matchmaking blue duo and the pink "wolf mama" and devoted red "wolf papa" whose pack just keeps on growing... And this time Brick is determined to win.: [Reds]-o-Rating: TGenre: Horror/Drama Status: Complete Blossom's decision to stay home for Halloween and skip the Townsville High party this year results in much more than the Horror film marathon she had planned when Brick comes crashing through her window... : Reds with hints of Blues and Greens-o-Rating: TGenre: Humor/romance Status: Complete-o-o-o-Since the Stones Ages... healing to kind of do a purge of sorts: Especially when... *shrug* Art is healing in many ways- doesn't matter the form the art takes. Because I "can" and there's no outside pressures concerning it: I can write fanfiction for the sheer joy of it- the joy of "writing"- It's one of my hobbies just like some people knit, some people ice skate, some people fix cars- I write about people that do all three haha. - "Caged" was originally titled "The Snow Queen" and... And they also had a kid Brick didn't know about because she was pregnant when Buttercup and her started fighting because "Blossom was dating a Ruff- he was bad" - Bubbles got in the middle and.."Let it Go! And her hiding in the mountains for five years before Brick was sent to go find this "Snow Queen" that kept attacking people who got too close to her mountain -... Their "birthday" episode I have in my canon actually took place much "later" in that year. PPGD is a beautifully illustrated fanfiction but I will not be incorporating elements from it. But what happens when he becomes the impetus to realizing something that had been right in front of his face all along? During their seemingly regular first year of college, the Powerpuff Girls' and Rowdyruff Boys' lives change in ways they could have never imagined. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom." -Leo Tolstoy. Following a major defeat, the RRB find themselves forced into a good and honest life.

Now join the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys known collectively as the X-Team as they balance being teenage super heroes with the “joys” of high school: But with the added trials of hormones, jealous mop topped stalkers, cheeky vigilantes and those "fishy" mutants that may or may not have had to do with the that "secret" testing in the Pacific... Even the most mundane can become interesting: Morning afters... especially when they involve waking up next to your so called worst enemy... you're all going to laugh but it came from a dream. "Let it Go" is one of my favorite Disney songs ( despite the fact.. after being forced to watch it so many times I can watch it with my eyes closed. for the longest time my "Head Canon" esque voice actress for the Pink Puff was Idina Menzel and "Let it Go" was her song. And oh yeah she had a romance with Brick and he had to go find her. 2) In order to write out fight scenes/action scenes in general I have to storyboard. three months give or take despite it being "seasons" apart in the show. -- and "The Boogie Man": I for the life of me couldn't figure out how to fit him in logically- if anyone has any ideas feel free to PM them because his episode is definitely a favorite of mine. The Powerpunk Girls' appearance was an easter egg of sorts and a nifty way to introduce the training room and show the girls' strengths off when the last Act they'd gotten their behinds kicked by a Humbolt Squid. There's only one small problem..were they supposed to save the day when they had no powers? Butch has never been known for being particularly aware of his emotions. 7 billion people on the Earth, and Blossom Utonium had the unfortunate luck of falling in love with her English teacher, Mr. " "That's love in a nutshell, I guess." Cover is owned by me.

is left behind: One of which has finally given up on the system and is determined to beat it- though she may have a surprise in store for her as soon as she sits in that chair...: REDS:-o-Rating: TGenre: Romance/Drama Status: Ongoing/in production Estimated Length: 9 chapters:"The Wolf Pack Saga" Being an adult is hard what with the trials of: Finding love. shocking news after a tilt a whirl ride goes awry at the boardwalk. When the father of your unborn child happens to be your "rival with benefits"... [ Reds ] : Companion piece to "Baby Mine" : Mentions of happily married new parents otherwise known as the Greens and Blues. So I guess one could argue I've been writing stuff down, illustrating and making up characters... were it not for an unfortunate encounter with a dissected fish- my plan for years had been to become a marine biologist to study..else Sharks XD ) I would LOVE to get published but I'm not ready. "The X' Chronicles" is my most ambitious writing project I've ever even "conceived" and planned out start to finish. If anything does coincide- it is a sheer coincidence I can assure you. and she and I were both in agreement that I'd accidentally created a new story and if I didn't write it "World on Fire" was going to be utterly impossible to concentrate on thus... -- "Caged" was me basically keeping the "background" behind "Snow Queen" and getting rid of everything else- because I DID like the romance story ( The Reds meeting back up and falling in love OUTSIDE of Townsville) - so a little tweaking- change to first person and voila- "Caged" was born."Hate" and "The Thing" have the simplest explanation of them all. The Boys don't really celebrate their birthday as... But they choose to think of in the beginning of the summer: The girls on their part choose to celebrate at the end. But with no way of knowing for sure how "old" the Rowdyruff Boys were when they were "resurrected" -were they the same? They were "created" eleven years ago: Day doesn't matter. Walter and Janey Believe were always there- they just hadn't been given names: Those huge crowds and such you know? Rated for language, action scenes, and mature themes. In a desperate search for consolation, Brick makes a decision that could fatally change his new fate.[Songfic kinda] While Bubbles is out at her special new job that she had decided not to tell her sisters about, she meets her archenemy from 11 years ago, Boomer! We're nothing near normal." Blossom's missing, Buttercup is sick of all this Manpain, Brick has made a deal with the actual devil, Butch gets to kill things for a living, Boomer keeps getting doused in holy water, and Bubbles misses being a waitress.—ppg/rrb, aka the surprise supernatural au After his revival, all Brick wanted was to experience that life destructive kiss again.

One is trapped in the gilded cage of the Demon Lord's court. Everyone is born with a tattoo- something known as their "soul" ink- and when two tattoos "meld" then those two are destined to be together forever-they are "soul mates" - No matter what or who... don't know about.-o-Rating: TGenre: Humor/Romance Status: Ongoing/in production Estimated Length: 6 chapters Buttercup and Butch are given some... : Greens with some Married blues and Reds in Denial. no really I've been on this site on and off starting from middle school..I was making up characters and stories -according to my family at least- almost as soon as I learned to read- I didn't like an ending or a character's fate... I didn't like a sequel- I'd decide it didn't count and make up my own. the site doesn't have an "archive" function which would be AWESOME by the way *coughhintcough* but... I also draw, read, go on outdoor adventures- someday I plan on getting my scuba license and going cage diving with the Great White Sharks of South Africa.... ( If one couldn't already tell I am a huge lover of marine life... I'm not proud of myself but in my defense I was sleep deprived. As such: The team is 16 years old currently but they don't believe they have an actual "birthday" - They choose to celebrate their "creation" in the summer (end of school year) as that's just easier to keep track of and they decide they'll just be another year older come the new school year. : The Team and the city in general to save themselves a headache just call them the same age and call it a day. but they have reasonable limits- and this is what I believe X would work and how it does work in the X' Chronicles- the team's powers have developed over time- and the X' in their systems is more integrated. "calmed" slightly- still strong but other factors in their individual powers take precedence. I have my own PPG universe that's complicated enough ha ha But, the original show had such a large vibrant cast there was no need really to incorporate characters from other shows- there were so many "nameless" background characters that voila- I had a cast already it's like maybe Mr. Companion to Hard to Control Myself, but can be read without it. While Butch and Boomer adapt to this change rather quickly, Brick finds himself struggling with his position, falling from a aggressor to a mere victim of isolation and discrimination. no longer a oneshot, hope I made everyone very happy :)"We hunt things that want to kill us for a living—the family business.

-o-o-o-GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS: -o-o-o-Who am I- oh it doesn't matter. I do little Disney tributes a "lot"- you just have to go on a bit of a scavenger hunt to find them XD- Well that and movies in general: I find film one of the most fascinating arts: a true melding of both written word and visual art combined to make a masterpiece... The "Writing Blackout" was what I call the worst bout of Writer's Block I have ever had- where I found I couldn't write. This is one I've gotten in numerous forms: I don't... And I swear by movie scores, television scores, Anime scores and in some cases Video Game scores. But when it comes to the actual writing process: I swear by outlines. Him wants Brick to train but his mind is elsewhere they make a deal which leads to Blossom having to complete a series of challenges in order to escape while Brick tries to get her to stay. In which Buttercup can't deicide what she's more shocked about, the fact that she's getting married or the fact that everyone thinks it's okay for her not to. In this fanfic, God takes drastic measures to show Henry his wrongs.

I can give you a way to gain waht you seek: And what you seek is just laughably simple. I haven't really come up with anything for anything else: the muse hasn't tapped my shoulder yet. Though I still think of all the "magical girl" anime adaptations Hollywood could do... The only reason I broke out of it was because my best friend a.k.a. Sooner or later it'll stall and then you'll be left staring at a blank screen- crying and lamenting optional. A story is something that comes from within you: Everyone's got one- just not everyone has the courage to share it. Well first off I'm gonna go cry because I'm so touched- and my answer is absolutely! XD It was my favorite show growing up and I thoroughly enjoy it to this day. )This should be rather obvious but my favorite character was definitely Blossom - My favorite villain was Him. I can also make it quite clear none of these "new powers" of the girls ( pink stapler... Both of whom are in the back-seat, singing loudly to the radio. The only clue Brick had was her stupid compact notebook labeled "Research 183". A darkness lies over their lives, and the girls must struggle with new employment, their unstable powers, and those lovely Ruff boys. The Powerpuffs are to be turned slowly into the Powerpunks and they have no idea, not when they are too busy being the assigned watchers of the newly neutral Rowdyruffs. Being a teenager with a traumatizing past experience and a huge secret is even harder. Would it change the man he is about to become, would it spare his six wives their sad fates?

B but in short summary: I think X' itself is what did it. team still are extremely strong- and most weapons or attacks will not injure them physically- but extreme cases they are capable of being hurt. If they haven't shown up yet- chances are they will! But something sinister is lurking in the background.

Iraqi National Guard battalions have also been active in recent months. With strong Iraqi leaders out front and with continued coalition -- and now NATO -- support, this trend will continue.

Some 40 of the 45 existing battalions -- generally all except those in the Fallujah-Ramadi area -- are conducting operations on a daily basis, most alongside coalition forces, but many independently.

I really don't like Princess with any of the rowdies to be brutally honest. Maybe now they can catch up on all the things they missed out on growing up - including finding love."By the way, Brick. People didn't always like me." She said, turning her head slightly and looking meaningfully at the red boy with no longer anger-ridden eyes.

I wouldn't know how to be brutally honest XD it might be an interesting challenge but... I'm a fan of Boomercup ( adorable )- and Butchubbles- (just as adorable) - I've seen some great Brickercup- ( Just because I don't write it doesn't mean I won't read it XD ) there's a fan artist on Dev art who's made Butch/Blossom stuff that's super cute - but in general I don't participate in "shipping wars" as a general rule XD As for non Ruff/Puff's- I'll ship anything: Except Brick/Princess... I have discovered the only way to beat Writers Block is to basically stick it where it hurts it most and write something else. Seriously- just write anything- even if its a few pieces of dialogue- Go on Tumblr and find a prompt ( beautiful site for that ) or go peruse forums: heck write a parody, an alternate universe, ANYTHING - the important thing and I can't stress this enough is: Just. However, being normal was never an option for these three girls and since the unusual triplets have been given the opportunity to discover themselves as well as blend in, this has opened up a whole new world.

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