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THR: Since Bay has a new job, where do we find Daphne? (Watch a scene below from the season 2.5 premiere between John, Bay and Daphne.) THR: Is there an upcoming episode that you're particularly excited about?

Marano: Our fifth episode is our "what if" episode.

What if the girls and families had found out about the switch when the girls were 3 instead of 16, how different would their lives have been?

The reason we go into the "what if" episode — the [hour] — is due to a fight that happens between two characters and a life-changing event that results from that fight. THR: What has been the most surprising development over the course of the series?

"For Bay, an old love interest Ty (want to start things back up.

He's been through war and so much has happened with her in the year that they've been apart so that's an interesting line to play." PHOTOS: Summer TV Preview: 51 New and Returning Series The actress previews the remaining episodes of the second season (Marano reveals Lea Thompson directs the seventh episode back) and what viewers can expect for Bay.

On la retrouve aussi dans le rôle de Layne Abeley dans The Clique, adapté des livres de Lisi Harrison, et de Samantha Combs dans Dear Lemon Lima.

The Hollywood Reporter: What can we expect with Bay living with Angelo (Gilles Marini) and Regina (Constance Marie)?

Vanessa Marano: Since Regina has returned from rehab, the whole thing about was that everyone was all living under the same roof.

Marano: Out of all the boyfriends Bay has had, Ty has been one of my favorites.

He was the first one that she had and the first glimpse into the life that they would've had.

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