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And I'm running out of episodes of Quantum Leap on Hulu to watch.

The surprising thing about the request from my friend is that she is an attractive female who lives in an area with a high concentration of males.

And we all know how those marriages/relationships ended up for the athletes.

Smart people, which Silicon Valley is full of, want to be surrounded by other smart people so that they can be challenged and stimulated - that's why SV is the best place in the world for entrepreneurship.

After all, you're a smart, strong, ambitious woman - one whom the most successful of Silicon Valley (and beyond) salutes and covets.

Join one of the most exciting communities on the Net, today.

Make new friends - and stay in touch with the friends you already have.

Take for instance the aforementioned list of billionaire men: Larry Page's wife, Lucy Southworth, a PHD student at Stanford when they met and currently a research scientist.

These are men who could have gone the professional athlete route and married "dancers", club rats, socialites, and Kim Kardashian, but they didn't.

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